Juice Manufacturing Plant

We provide the turnkey setup for Fruit Juice, Pulp & Concentration Plants. We provide the machinery as per the best of industry standards which aims at preserving the Organoleptic, physical and aromatic characteristics of the fruit or vegetable which is processed, in order to attain high quality Juice concentrate and finally bottled and packaged juice with desired characteristics of Colour and Clarity.

The processes are designed in such a way that juices are preserved for keeping them best in taste, colour and quality for long time. The Juice manufacturing plants can be customized as per specific fruit like orange, pears, pineapple, mango etc. The plant has following processing units:

  • Fruits sorting and selection
  • Conveying, Washing and Peeling
  • Juice Extraction
  • Heat Treating of Juice
  • Aroma recovery
  • Blending
  • Fine Pulping
  • Clarification unit
  • Juice Concentration
  • Pasteurization / Sterilization
  • Bottling and labeling
  • Packing

All the processing units are developed and implemented as per the client’s specific requirements.

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